At Cascade Mazda, we perform all the services your vehicle requires to keep at its best.
Air Conditioning 
In this service, the air conditioning system is checked for refrigerant leaks and the interior cabin temperature is evaluated.  This helps provide a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle, and reduces the risk of premature compressor failure. 

Your vehicle's battery is responsible for providing dependable starting power.  It also provides the power needed to run electrical components and accessories such as your interior and exterior lighting, power seats, windows, and radio.  Battery service performed by factory-trained technicians can ensure a long battery life with maximum effectiveness.

Belts and Hoses
Periodically replacing your belts & hoses helps avoid overheating and other serious engine damage.
Belt and hose services performed by our factory-trained technicians include: 
  • A thorough visual inspection of all belts and hoses for evidence of wear or damage
  • Replacement of all worn belts and hoses as needed
  • Adjusting the fit of installed belts, hoses, and related components
Why is it important to replace my vehicle's belts & hoses?
Replacing belts and hoses at the first sign of wear helps avoid unexpected breakdowns and the engine damage that overheating can cause.  Belts and hoses are critical parts of your engine and cooling system.  To avoid problems, your hoses should be checked at every oil change.  Belts generally need to be replaced every 30,000 miles (50,000 km) to 60,000 miles (100,000 km). 

Brake Services
Inspecting and replacing your brake pads may save you money by preventing a "metal-on-metal" condition that accelerates the need to replace expensive rotors and/or drums. It's important to have your brakes checked at least once a year to keep them responsive and to help avoid costly replacements.  

Our factory-trained technicians are specially trained to maintain, repair, and replace your brake system to help ensure that it's working as efficiently and effectively as originally designed.  This service includes:
  • Replacing worn brake pads and/or brake shoes
  • Resurfacing brake rotors or drums
  • Replacing brake fluid as needed
Check Engine Light Diagnostic
Regular check engine light diagnostics help ensure that your vehicle is in safe working condition.  
When the factory-trained technicians perform engine diagnostic checks, they start by transmitting information from your vehicle's computer into a diagnostic tool.  From here, the engine diagnostics service continues with the technician expertly combining the performance data with his/her experience to:
  • Properly diagnose why your vehicle's check engine light is on
  • Develop a recommendation to repair your vehicle
  • Show you related symptoms, possible causes, and indicate the degree of urgency with which you need to get your vehicle serviced
  • Reset the check engine light
Driveline Services
Driveline components are responsible for transmitting power from your engine and delivering the torque to your vehicle's wheels, to give you the most responsive handling and speed possible.  Driveline mechanisms generally consist of the drive shaft and universal joints. 
How do I know when to get my driveline checked?
  • If you notice a vibration or rumbling noise when you're driving down the highway, you may be experiencing a driveline vibration
  • Squeaking, grinding, clunking, or loud metal-on-metal chirping sounds can mean worn and/or unlubriated universal joints
  • Be sure to check your owner's manual for specific recommendations for proper care, lubrication intervals, and lubricants to be used. 
Fluid Checks
Proper fluid levels and regular fluid flushes are related to vehicle performance and safety. Over time, your vehicle's essential fluids, including transmission, brake, and power-steering fluids, lose their ability to clean, cool, lubricate, and flow freely, potentially leading to problems such as transmission overheating and/or failure.
Fluid Checks include:
  • Brake, power-steering, antifreeze, engine oil, and transmission fluid flushes
  • Chemical cleaning of fuel system components
  • Replacing all existing fluid with new fluid to proper levels
  • Checking for cleanliness and leaks
Heating and Cooling System Maintenance
Properly maintaining your vehicle's coolant system helps keep your engine, radiator, and you at a comfortable temperature.  A heating and cooling system service entails flushing the old antifreeze from your radiator and filling it with new antifreeze.

Oil Change Services
Oil changes help protect your engine by preventing wear, rust, and corrosion in all climates
Regular oil changes, lubricated fittings, and new oil filters are essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly
How often should I have my oil changed?
It's always a good idea to check your owner's manual for specific recommendations.  However, most vehicles require you to change your oil every six months or 5,000 miles. 

Muffler and Exhaust System Maintenance
Maintaining your muffler and exhaust system not only helps to minimize engine noise, it helps protect you and others from dangerous carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes and helps reduce pollutants released into the atmosphere. 

Steering and Suspension Servicing 
Your vehicle's steering and suspension is responsible for providing optimal ride comfort and handling performance.  Because normal road conditions can cause the shocks, struts, and springs of your suspension system to weaken over time, these worn suspension parts may reduce vehicle stability and driver control.  They may also accelerate tire wear. 

Tune Ups
Tune ups are an important part of the regular vehicle maintenance and should be scheduled annually. Today's engines are highly advanced and difficult to troubleshoot.  We use sophisticated engine diagnostic equipment and vehicle computer data to pinpoint hidden problems and worn parts. 


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