For the most recent model year, a report from the trusted Consumer Reports organization gave Mazda a remarkable honor: Mazda was named the most reliable car brand in America. At Cascade Mazda in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, we know one of the best ways to help your Mazda stay as reliable as it was designed to be is by using Genuine Mazda Parts. Here are some reasons why that's so important to help your Mazda run reliably.

Genuine Mazda parts are the parts your Mazda was built with

With all the advanced engineering that goes into every Mazda sedan or SUV, the right parts are a crucial part of helping your Mazda perform well over long periods of time. Genuine Mazda parts are the same parts used to build your Mazda in the first place. That's why they fit in a way other parts simply can't. With genuine Mazda parts, your family's visit to Akron, OH to ride the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad can be a lot more relaxing.

Trying to save money with generic parts can be very expensive

If you're ever tempted to try saving a few dollars by getting your Mazda serviced at a local "We do it all" repair shop, you could be risking the long-term health of your Mazda. Many "all-purpose" mechanics will recommend using generic parts by telling you "it's the same thing" as factory parts. But it's not. Any part designed to fit every car doesn't fit any car the way it's supposed to. That can end up being a very expensive decision.

Because a generic part isn't the same high quality and doesn't fit your Mazda as well as genuine Mazda parts, it might break down prematurely and could even cause collateral damage to other, more expensive parts. That means the few dollars you saved, in the beginning, can get swallowed up by a costly major repair down the road. That could end up sidelining a future road trip to Hudson, OH to enjoy the Cuyahoga Valley, National Park.

Aren't some universal parts pretty good?

The quality of a generic part at a non-Mazda repair shop can be all over the place. Some parts might last for a while but the problem is, you just don't know. In order to be more sure, you would have to figure out the brand name, if there is one, and research the quality. Who has time for that when you're standing in a repair shop? It's a lot better use of your time driving your fully-reliable Mazda to Kent, OH for a tour of Kent State.

The Mazda Warranty: Your assurance that genuine Mazda parts are a real value

When you get genuine Mazda parts from us at Cascade Mazda, they're backed by the reassurance of a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, which is something you probably won't get with a generic part. When you have all of Mazda standing behind your car's parts and accessories as you drive around Twinsburg, OH, it demonstrates confidence in the quality of the part and its ability to keep your Mazda running longer.

Count on the quality and warranty coverage of genuine Mazda parts

It's a relatively small extra investment to get the comfort of knowing you have nothing but genuine Mazda parts under the hood, helping your Mazda vehicle stay reliable. Schedule a service appointment at our Mazda Service Center today. It's worth the short trip to Cuyahoga Falls, OH to get the long-lasting performance and reliability of genuine Mazda parts at Cascade Mazda.

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