The Importance of Mufflers, Exhausts and Why They Matter

A big part of a vehicle going through a routine inspection is being able to pass an emissions test. The emissions that come from your vehicle must be kept to a minimum with the help of your muffler and exhausts. This will cut down on the pollution that your vehicle adds to our environment. When this system has issues, there are some things that you'll commonly notice.

A damaged muffler or exhaust will typically make a lot of noise. It can be a rattling, clunking or very loud rumbling as your engine runs. You may also notice that your emissions are giving off a very strong odor. This simply means things are not working as they are meant to. Also watch out for leaks out your exhaust pipes.

Bring your vehicle into Cascade Mazda if you are worried that there is a problem with your exhaust or muffler. Prompt service is a good idea.


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