If you need a versatile car that can hustle, we suggest the Mazda3 5-Door at Cascade Mazda. You may have noticed this nimble hatchback on local roadways. We've gotten plenty of interest in the unique model at our Cuyahoga Falls location.

The Mazda3 5-Door's popularity revolves around its appearance. You might never see a sportier hatchback. Mazda elegantly designed engaging lines and curves into this model's exterior. We imagine it in motion whenever we see it. Additionally, the available paint shades allude to movement. Whether you choose a light or dark hue, the factory's application process creates a deep, rich shine. If you want to drive a Mazda3 5-Door in a rare color, select Polymetal Gray Metallic.

For contrast, Mazda supplies every hue in its spectrum with black-painted components. These include the model's shimmering grille and rear spoiler, its accented side mirrors and matte-finished wheels. Clearly, this hatchback sets a new standard.


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