Your Backup Camera Helps You Stay Safe

So what exactly does the backup camera do? Although the concept is very simple, there is a lot of detail that goes into the backup camera concept. At Cascade Mazda, we think it's important to keep you informed on the safety features that come with your vehicle.

To keep it basic, the backup camera or rearview camera is a rear-mounted camera pointed slightly downward that activates when you shift your car into reverse; this gives you full visuals of what's behind you from the driver seat, so you no longer have to turn your head to look back. Not only is the backup camera a key safety feature of the modern automobile, but it also helps the driver back into a parking space flawlessly.

If you are interested in taking a test drive for a car that features backup camera technology, visit us at Cascade Mazda where we will be happy to show you the ropes.



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