Keep Pet Hair Out Of Your Car

Here at Cascade Mazda, we want you to be informed on how to properly clean the inside of your car. Pets are one of the joys of life. But when you take them in the car, their fur gets everywhere. Here are some tips on removing and preventing pet hair from your expensive automotive investment.

Pet Hair Removal

There are countless ways to remove pet hair from your car. Rubbing upholstery down with a pumice stone, pet hair removal brush, or a vacuum with a brush extension is going to be the fastest solution. You can also try an inflated balloon or a rubber glove with water.

Note: Lint rollers are not as effective in removing hair from your car.

Pet Hair Prevention

You can simply put seat covers down to eliminate the possibility that your pet will leave hair inside your car. A simple blanket or towel can also go along way to prevent pet hair.



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