Getting Through an Auto Accident Safely

If you've been involved in an accident, you've probably experienced the upset it can involve. If it's an accident that involved injuries, the stress level increases considerably. Cascade Mazda is committed to driving safety and provides you with these helpful steps to take if you're involved in a collision.

Checking for injuries is always the first step. You and your passengers should be checked first. If you're injured or the other party is injured, you'll want to have first responders evaluate you to determine if immediate medical attention is required. You'll also need a police report when filing an insurance claim in most cases. The police should be determining the driver at fault rather than the parties involved.

If you're ready for a new vehicle with the latest safety features, Cascade Mazda encourages you to take a test drive. We'll demonstrate all the vehicle's features, so you'll be able to see how they'd benefit your family. Get in touch with Cascade Mazda for the newest safety, comfort, and convenience features, today.



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