Knowing the Importance of Gaskets

Every member of the team at Cascade Mazda want you to be an informed vehicle owner who understands what makes your vehicle run and what parts are important. Gaskets play a vital role under the hood of your car. Whether your car is traveling down the road or sitting in your garage, it’s filled with all sorts of fluids, and it’s important that these fluids don’t leak or get mixed together.

Gaskets are the tiny part that prevents this from happening. Gaskets form a bond that cannot be penetrated, preventing fluids from flowing. Gaskets come in a variety of different sizes and may be rubber, copper or steel. Steel is the most common for gaskets. The most common types of gaskets are:
• Head gasket
• Intake manifold gasket
• Exhaust manifold gasket

Two signs that gaskets may be failing are bubbling around the radiator and your engine overheating. If you have these issues, stop at our shop in Cuyahoga Falls and let us inspect your vehicle.



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