Safety Features Available in This Year’s New Mazda3

The entire team at Cascade Mazda are excited to announce that the new Mazda3 sedan is here on the lot. These safety features are part of the reason for the growing popularity of this compact car.

Take the new Mazda3 on the road, then you'll appreciate when the Blind Spot Information System begins working. The system is able to identify another vehicle in any of your blind spots, which in turn will result in your corresponding side mirror flashing so you know which lane to avoid until that vehicle has left the blind spot area.

When the Lane-Keeping System in the new Mazda3 is working, you won't have to worry about a crash because of being distracted or tired. If the sensors detect that the vehicle is leaving the lane lines from drifting, the steering wheel vibrates like you drove over rumble strips, getting the attention of the driver to take action.



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