Genuine Mazda Parts offer the style, comfort, quality and satisfaction that make driving a Mazda even more rewarding. Designed and guaranteed to fit your Mazda perfectly inside and out, they are the only parts built to the same quality standards as your Mazda and are backed by our long-term warranty.1

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Choosing Genuine Mazda Parts VS. Aftermarket Parts

Genuine Mazda Parts and Genuine Mazda Body Parts provide unsurpassed quality, fit, finish, appearance, corrosion resistance, safety and warranty coverage. They are crafted from the same blueprints as the original parts, made to fit your Mazda model perfectly and guaranteed to perform with the same quality and wear as on the first day your drove your Mazda. They are the only parts specifically covered by the Mazda warranty. Request Genuine Mazda Parts and Genuine Mazda Body Parts to ensure your vehicle receives the best treatment.

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Mazda Parts or Generic Parts? Here's Why Genuine Mazda Quality Is Worth the Price

According to Consumer Reports, Mazda is the Most Reliable Auto Brand in America. But the plain fact is that any car or SUV can eventually have mechanical issues and need replacement parts. What should you do if that happens? Should you try to save some money with a generic aftermarket part? It can be tempting, especially if an all-purpose repair shop tells you the part should fit "just fine." But here's why it's important to have your Mazda repaired at Cascade Mazda in Cuyahoga Falls with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Mazda parts.

Genuine Mazda OEM parts are designed and engineered for your specific Mazda by Mazda, the people who built your Mazda sedan or SUV  in the first place. An aftermarket part is made by a third party to fit lots of different makes and models. Will it fit? Maybe. Might it cause mechanical issues down the road? It just might. If that happens, you could end up regretting that decision to save a little money on generic parts. At Cascade Mazda, we've seen aftermarket parts become very expensive later on, because they can not only fail, they can damage other, more expensive parts as well.

How Big of a Risk Do You Want to Take on Aftermarket Parts?

With "universal" aftermarket parts, you may not have the same peace of mind as you do with Mazda OEM parts. Yes, there are good aftermarket parts out there, but there are also a lot of inferior imitations, and it's hard to tell the difference just by looking at the parts. Even a cheaper part might look OK, or you might not even get to see it, because you might just end up taking your mechanic's word for it.

To have some kind of assurance, you would have to do your research, and who's going to take time to do that when you're standing in a repair shop and trying to get your car back as quickly, and as inexpensively, as possible? The fact is, you probably won't know if the generic parts your mechanic is using will turn out to be workable or a future expensive problem spot in your car. That's why so many wise Mazda owners around Akron and Hudson, OH take the safer route with Genuine Mazda parts.

Quality: The Missing Element in a Lot of Aftermarket Parts

Generic aftermarket parts are often created by companies who aren't well known and don't have a lot of public accountability for quality. An inferior aftermarket part might even void your Mazda warranty. If you get a Genuine Mazda Part at Cascade Mazda in Cuyahoga Falls, you can trust the quality will be high, and the part will fit your Mazda perfectly. That can help your Mazda CX5, CX9 or Mazda 3 give you better performance and greater reliability wherever you drive around nearby communities like Kent or Twinsburg, OH.

The Mazda Parts Warranty: The Ultimate Proof that Mazda OEM Parts Are Worth the Investment

Genuine Mazda Parts you purchase at an authorized Mazda dealer like Cascade Mazda are covered by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, which is an extra layer of protection you probably won't get with an aftermarket part. So when your Mazda needs service, don't take the risk of dealing with a non-Mazda part you get at a non-Mazda repair shop. Count on the proven reliability you get from Genuine Mazda parts at Cascade Mazda in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

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